Sando-POS taxi fare may increase by $3


taxisTravellers may have to pay three dollars more for taxis going to and from Port of Spain to San Fernando in the near future.

Taxi drivers on the route are considering raising the price from $15 to $18.

This according to president of the San Fernando Taxi Drivers’ Association Paul Lewis.

President of the San Fernando Taxi Drivers’ Association Paul Lewis says that the rates are due to increase since this has not been done in eight years.

“We are in the process of discussing the raising of the fare as well as (addressing) traffic issues and so on,” Lewis said.

Lewis said the Association heads met on Saturday and agreed that there would be further consultation with the wider membership before making a final decision.

Meanwhile the Chaguanas to Curepe Taxi Association and the Curepe to Valpark/Grand Bazaar Taxi Association have also raised their rates by $1 from Monday October 5, 2015.

The Associations say that the rates have not been increased since 2008 and the recent increase in gas and diesel prices have forced the rate increase in order to meet operation costs.

President of the Chaguanas to Curepe Taxi Association Lester Narine said that other associations have raised their prices since then and it is only fair that they do so as well.



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